Learn more about our farm-to-table restaurant in San Mateo, CA

We are excited to offer you the experience that reflects your current mood: the casual, just out of a spin class, a corner booth business lunch, a gathering of friends at our Chef's table or an impromptu get together at our communal table for catching up and small bites. Whatever your reason for joining us at THREE, we are thankful and look forward to getting to know you.



Eleni definitely has the personality and passion for the front of the house. She began cooking, baking and hosting parties decades before getting into the business. Although she has spent plenty of time in the kitchen, she has found her true calling. You will see Eleni in the dining room many nights engaging with guests and sharing her love for the "sweet" side of our menu. You will know her immediately by her warmhearted smile and the one who is talking wildly with her hands.



Tammy's journey began growing up in a loud Italian family where everything was centered around food and served family style; it was a place to gather, eat, laugh and create memories. As General Manager, she is involved in all aspects of THREE from hiring and scheduling to serving and cooking, and everywhere in between. Being able to stay calm and focused in this fast-paced, ever changing business is her strength. She looks forward to each day and getting to interact and provide an excellent food experience to guests.



Alicia's passion for cooking started on top of a kitchen stool nestled between her dad and grandma. The 40+ year journey of creating, connecting and celebrating her love for food and people has culminated in the walls of THREE. After 25 years in the "business", Alicia's marriage of seasonal ingredients, timeless traditions, and a playful approach to bringing the two together creates a menu that is not only delicious, but approachable. The smile you see on her face is because she truly loves how food brings people together.