Support Local Farmers and Enjoy Healthy Food

Discover the difference that comes with eating local food in San Mateo, CA

Tired of dining out and eating frozen or pre-packaged meals? If you're on the hunt for local food that tastes great, look no further than Three Craft Kitchen & Bar.

We work with local vendors to source top-quality local produce and meats. Our meals are always made fresh. You can get healthy food that tastes great every time you visit.

Visit Three Craft Kitchen & Bar today to enjoy delicious food sourced from local San Mateo, CA farmers.

Why you should dine on regional food

Local food provides a wealth of benefits you might not get from other sources. When you eat local, you’re:

  • Helping the farmers in your community
  • Eating local produce that’s fresh-picked daily
  • Enjoying food with the freshest flavor

San Mateo, CA has some of the best produce out there, and we want to share it with you. Come to Three Craft Kitchen & Bar today to taste the local offerings from your neighbor’s farm.